Fotodruck signiert - Airbrush Make-UP zum Multimediaprojekt 29,7 x 42 cm
You are the apple of my eye – 6 (2012) von Christine Dumbsky - FineART & BodyART
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#Fotografie #Realismus #Experimental
Conception and implementation and iconographic representation of a multimedia imagery


Tengo dolores en mi corazón,
Pero me dices hay no razón,
Quizas es solo una impression,
Sin duda loca esa sensación,

Tengo dolores en mi corazón,
Se que has dicho hay no razon,
Me aseguras que es la verdad,
Que tu me quieres por infinidad.

Tengo DOLORES en mi corazón - FineART & BodyART by Christine Dumbsky

FineART & BodyART by the Artist Christine Dumbsky
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Christine Dumbsky
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Sometimes the artist Christine Dumbsky uses the mood music or texts to process them in a picture.

An inevitable development founded in the search for the essential. Equally as her development of painting in connection with bodypainting and photography up to moving pictures accompanied with music, she developed specially. Multimedia, covering all senses. An interaction of the working methods which also mutually inspire each other. Originally as a result of her previous work for an international publishing company and it’s associated tasks.

Crucial for the idea generation to this collage of images combined to an animated ensemble was the interest in a merge of the different means of visualization. The aim was to depict a thought, a feel or mood to transport a text and content at the same time from artistic point of view.

Initially there were only the words that were written and yet hiding. Derived by a Spanish poem...
"una palabra no dice nada, al mismo tiempo esconde todo"
(One word does not tell something, at the same time it hides all)
"Una mirada no dice nada, al mismo tiempo lo dice todo"
(A view does tell nothing, at the same time it says all)

Reflecting these sentences first arose the lyrics "Tengo DOLORES en mi Corazón" then afterwards the musical development.

The translation of the work of Platon "Phaidon" or “the immortality of the soul” - published by the Reclam-Verlag Stuttgart 1950 – gave the last impulse in regard to the visual implementation.

This in total should lead the artist to execute the idea with photographic close-ups.
To hint the soul of the things – to do something, that might probably lies within inconspicuous things – in the obvious and yet hidden to your perception. This in turn pointed the way to make something visible, that one sees every day and yet not really consciously perceives.

One key aspect was the idea that the eyes were the mirror of the soul. But also to realize something beautiful with a focused perception. This required a close approach, a focus on it, overcome distances (also privacy), to allow closeness. This was possible with close-ups of the eyes of her models and close friends. A concept that is very much linked with the solidarity, friendship and joy of the contributors. As a result they have participated visually as well as acoustically.

That all components (idea and design, texts, music, styling, Make-Up, Bodypaints, photos, paintings) are created by the artist, was an essential prerequisite to preserve the intimacy and thus the complete work remains a unit.

Interesting in this context are also the considerations to the concept and preparation. The choice of language of the contents, the melody and the images in accordance. Also the ambiguity of the Spanish word “dolores” (pain and at the same time a woman´s name). As well as “corazón”, which means translated, heart and today still referring linguistically and figuratively as a mean of expression to describe the seat of the soul.

Pain and heart, a rhyme much used - sometimes also worn and unjustly ridiculed - reflected in songs and texts of longing, nostalgia, pain, desire, loneliness, search and the like, that unites all cultures and social classes. A timeless, global and for our being significant topic.

The keywords: heart, pain, longing, search, soul are interesting as well in terms of linguistic and optical. Some examples:
Deutsch: Herz, Schmerz, Suche, Sehnsucht, Seele
French; Coeur, douleur, rechercher, nostalgia, áme
Spanish: Corazón, alma, dolor, pena, búsqueda, anhelos
Italian: Cuore, dolore, ricerca, desiderio, anima

This all together gives only a glimpse into the iconography of the moving artwork of the artist. (Iconography - a scientific method of art history, which deals with the identification and interpretation of subjects in the visual arts)

The exploration and interpretation of content and symbolism of the image objects
in the light of contemporary, literary sources such as philosophy, poetry and theology - is probably still to be extended to the inclusion of the currents and the spirit of the times of the mass media including the music in it’s context, and especially the ideas and values of the artist and that the participants themselves to describe proximate close the influence to the motives, the representations and execution.

In this regard would be the possible leading question and maybe answer to the overall concept: why has an artist dealt with this topic and subject and what does this say about him, the participants and the interested viewer.

Text: Pressebüro Kurt Röhrken