Acryl auf Leinwand - Rollbild, ungerahmt 165 x 93 cm
Online seit 12.04.2012
Wertangabe: 1250 €

#Malerei #Realismus #Menschen
“Paintings of women”

In the best cases they are portrayals of women, by women.

However, the artist, Christine Dumbsky from Sommerach, divests this notion of its´perceived pre-set programme that seems often to delve into the realms of Womens Liberation; at least at first sight. Christine Dumbsky´s women appear to project the image of wanting to share their world with those outside. In fact, they provoke the viewer to connect with them through the painting by seeming to invite the viewer to touch the sculptural elements included. She does not denegrate her women to objects of male fantasy, and she does not support sexual voyeurism.

FineART & BodyART by the Artist Christine Dumbsky
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